Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Friday, July 27, 2012
This is my first eye primer so I really didn't know how this stuff works. I only use eyeshadows for experimenting so I thought I should get an inexpensive one and I decided to buy from one of my favorite brands.


(details at the back. I don't know if you can read that so I'll just retype it.)

Proof 10 Eye Primer supplies coverage to eyelids and around the eyes to enhance eye shadow color and integrity for a longer lasting, Perfect 10 look.

Directions: Use fingers to gently apply primer to upper and lower eyelids prior to eyeshadow application. Also applicable to eye liners prior to eyeliner application.

Caution: Use only as directed. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight. Cease use if problems arise.


Volume: 18g (0.35oz)

The formula is a viscous translucent liquid. It becomes quite sticky few seconds after application.

I am not an expert when it comes to primers but I know that they are supposed to keep eye shadow intact for longer and to make eye shadow more vibrant. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer is much more than I what I expected. I literally swore when I applied eye shadow on top of this product. I was like "Holy ****, no way!" You can see why in the swatches I posted below.

(without flash)

(with flash)

(without flash)

(with flash)

In the last two pictures, the colors on the left are almost invisible while those at the right (with the primer) were not washed out in the photo. Amazing effect!

The only downside I can think of with this product is it will be hard to find in countries located in the West. Etude House is a Korean brand and is available in some Asian countries. For people living in the USA or UK, you may have to buy through eBay or online shops.

Price: PHP 298
Rating: 4.75/5
Verdict: I won't repurchase this because I don't really apply eye shadow, but I definitely recommend this to anyone who wears eye shadow everyday! Great product that comes with a great price tag!

NYX Round Lipstick in Paris and Orange Soda

I know I haven't been updating my blog for quite some time. I actually bought these items two months ago, but I've only had time until now. I bought these lipsticks at the Superb Sale Bazaar held last May.

I have always been interested with NYX products since a lot of people say that they have good quality despite the prices being cheap. I wanted to buy a lot from the brand but it's so hard to find locally. There is one shop that sell this at Alabang Town Center, and another one in Robinson's Manila (beware of the prices though. Their mark-up price is ridiculous!)

NYX Round Lipstick is our classic lipstick for all-year round. The mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture, saturated color and it resists wear and smudging. It’s your go-to lipstick. From Pure Nude to Pink Lyric to Chic Red, Round Lipstick is available in a jaw-dropping 144 shades. (source:


I expected a lot from these lipsticks to be honest and they left me quite disappointed. The lipstick glides on easily, it actually goes on too smoothly that the color slides off from the lips so it is recommended to use a lip liner underneath these lipsticks. Also, I noticed that the lipstick breaks easily! I don't even know how it happened. Maybe it is because it's so hot from where I live, making the lipstick soft. But then again, this never happened to my other lipsticks.

Pigmentation is okay. Sheer at first, but buildable.

(Orange Soda and Paris)

Orange Soda is a beigey-peach color that washes me out. This shade cannot be worn alone. Unless you want to look anemic.

Paris, on the other hand, is a pretty mauvey-pink color. It has a purpley undertone to it which I find unique. However, this shade makes my teeth look more yellow.


The tubes are made out of cheap plastic. The shade name and number are written on the top and the color can be seen from the bottom. 

The cases aren't too sturdy in my opinion. I accidentally dropped the Orange Soda one from about one feet high and the glass part showing the color came off. Luckily, I was able to put it back in place)

(swatch with flash)

Price: It usually differs. Most of the time it ranges from PHP 130-150.
Rating: 2.75/5
Verdict: The lipstick is okay if you are willing to reapply every hour. If you find this a hassle, stay away from this product. The range of colors for this product is so huge that I am willing to repurchase this again.

Super Sale Bazaar

Sunday, July 15, 2012
When my friend told me that there was another bazaar (see my previous post about the Superb Sale Bazaar), I felt so giddy that I knew I had to save a lot of money. I planned to buy lots of shoes during this bazaar, but I wasn't even able to buy a pair because the styles which I liked didn't have my size. It's so annoying when this happens.

I am so broke right now. I spent about 80% of all my money here. Talk about impulse buying. I feel so guilty, but at the same time happy because I was able to purchase quite a lot. The experience was tiring but I enjoyed it. My friend and I searched the racks patiently just to look for the perfect items. The shops participating here are mostly online stores. I grabbed the chance in buying lots of stuff because I wanted to avoid the hassle of online shopping.


The bazaar ends today!

Photos of items I bought:

I only noticed until I got home that all the tops I have bought are floral. I didn't plan to buy them all, but I just had to. I wanted the galaxy printed shirts and the structured blazers. They were too loose on me. Ugh.

Kimono/vest. I am not sure though. 
Price: PHP 300

Mullet top. Crazy floral prints. Me likey.
Price: PHP 400

Floral top with lace details.
Price: PHP 450? (I can't remember exactly)

You can wear this top in 2 ways! Cool! 
Price: PHP 550

I just couldn't resist. They're NYX products. I don't come across this brand in malls and they're priced cheaper so I gave in.

Concealer in a Jar (beige, I purchased the medium shade before but it was too dark, PHP 300)
Rouge cream blush in Natural, PHP 350
Lipliner pencil in Natural, PHP 130


2-chain cross necklace. Been searching for so long. 
Price: PHP 300

Polymer clay earrings. I don't know why I am into fancy earrings nowadays. I also saw these cool pop culture earrings but I wasn't able to buy some :(
Panda - PHP 80 (I am addicted to these creatures!)
Cupcakes - PHP 50
Cookie Monster - PHP 50

Studded bracelet. Not really my style but they look cool.
PHP 250


Satchel from Queen Street
PHP 500

No more desserts for weeks again. Boohoo. Need to save up. More bazaars to go to (hopefully!) I hope they make another shoe sale bazaar, though. :\\