Super Sale Bazaar

Sunday, July 15, 2012
When my friend told me that there was another bazaar (see my previous post about the Superb Sale Bazaar), I felt so giddy that I knew I had to save a lot of money. I planned to buy lots of shoes during this bazaar, but I wasn't even able to buy a pair because the styles which I liked didn't have my size. It's so annoying when this happens.

I am so broke right now. I spent about 80% of all my money here. Talk about impulse buying. I feel so guilty, but at the same time happy because I was able to purchase quite a lot. The experience was tiring but I enjoyed it. My friend and I searched the racks patiently just to look for the perfect items. The shops participating here are mostly online stores. I grabbed the chance in buying lots of stuff because I wanted to avoid the hassle of online shopping.


The bazaar ends today!

Photos of items I bought:

I only noticed until I got home that all the tops I have bought are floral. I didn't plan to buy them all, but I just had to. I wanted the galaxy printed shirts and the structured blazers. They were too loose on me. Ugh.

Kimono/vest. I am not sure though. 
Price: PHP 300

Mullet top. Crazy floral prints. Me likey.
Price: PHP 400

Floral top with lace details.
Price: PHP 450? (I can't remember exactly)

You can wear this top in 2 ways! Cool! 
Price: PHP 550

I just couldn't resist. They're NYX products. I don't come across this brand in malls and they're priced cheaper so I gave in.

Concealer in a Jar (beige, I purchased the medium shade before but it was too dark, PHP 300)
Rouge cream blush in Natural, PHP 350
Lipliner pencil in Natural, PHP 130


2-chain cross necklace. Been searching for so long. 
Price: PHP 300

Polymer clay earrings. I don't know why I am into fancy earrings nowadays. I also saw these cool pop culture earrings but I wasn't able to buy some :(
Panda - PHP 80 (I am addicted to these creatures!)
Cupcakes - PHP 50
Cookie Monster - PHP 50

Studded bracelet. Not really my style but they look cool.
PHP 250


Satchel from Queen Street
PHP 500

No more desserts for weeks again. Boohoo. Need to save up. More bazaars to go to (hopefully!) I hope they make another shoe sale bazaar, though. :\\


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