Disney Princess Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup

Sunday, June 24, 2012
I have posted this look earlier, but the colors were washed out so I decided to recreate the look. It isn't exact to what I did before but I used similar colors. I studied how the camera works and adjusted necessary settings so that the colors will appear vibrant. I also used my Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer which works wonderfully. (I will do a review soon.)

I know it isn't perfect but I think this improved from last time. By the way, I only created this look on one eye because I still have a hard time making the colors look equal and I don't really want to waste my products that much. Here's my attempt:

I used red to depict Ariel's hair color, and the blues and greens to indicate the ocean. The violet eyeliner represents Ariel's seashells. The colors aren't normally combined together, but I did to truly capture the feel of the character. I hope you like it!

SM Department Store haul + my Purple Card Purchase

Today, we went to Mall of Asia after visiting my cousin who recently gave birth. It was a short trip. We stayed at the mall for only about 2 hours. 2 hours is actually very short for me to find clothes which I like, but I was able to buy a few. The department store is my haven because I am just so cheap and the clothes are pretty anyway.

After shopping at the department store, my dad joined me in finding the perfect purchase for my Purple Card points. We went to Zara because that's the first store that came into my mind. I was so baffled on what to choose. There were a  lot of pretty items. In fact, so pretty that I know I won't be able to wear them to school. I found a pretty blue dress which was love at first sight and it costed PHP 3000. My dad argued that I should buy something that I will be wearing often. I just couldn't decide right there in the store. I was even so nervous on spending the points because PHP 3000 is so big for me. I know I can't spend it on something that I will just hide in my closet. After several minutes, I asked my dad if we could look into other stores.

We went to Marks & Spencer. Upon entering the store, I knew my purchase will be safer since the clothes displayed were wearable for everyday use. This blue and red plaid blouse caught my eye. I found candidate number one. We went to Steve Madden to see some shoes but they were all so damn expensive for the design, which forces me back to Marks & Spencer. After long minutes of deliberation, I finally made a decision. I bought the shirt because I know I can pair it with almost anything and I can wear it to school. I actually find it attractive since it's a bit loose, making it look like a boyfriend polo. :)

From left to right:

  • Dickies mint green pants (PHP 999) - I always hated colored pants. I found them tacky, but these mint colored ones definitely changed my mind. I think this color looks classy especially when paired with a basic white button-down
  • Dickies skinny denim pants (PHP 899)- At last! Dark wash skinny pants which hugs my legs properly! And it doesn't feel uncomfortable either.
  • True Love vest (PHP 550)- My first vest. I am still finding ways on how I can style this. 
  • Redhead mullet dress (PHP 600)- Finally, I've braved myself in buying this type of clothing. It's actually orange but the color kind of changed in the picture. I never had an orange item in my closet so this one is a first for me. I am actually excited on wearing this!
  • Marks & Spencer plaid blouse (PHP 2750)
  • Jessica flats (PHP 350) - I bought this mainly because it's the rainy season. It's made of plastic. Quite nice since they don't look like rain shoes and they're cheap. What a steal! My mom was supposed to buy me Crocs but I decided to use that money to buy this pair plus more clothes. Smart shopping. ;)
I'm so sorry, wallet. I'll start filling you up again. :)

Makeup Review: Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer

Friday, June 22, 2012
I have terrible eyebags and dark circles due to genetics. Therefore, a good concealer is a must for me. I was supposed to buy Beige from NYX but because it was such a hassle and I had to wait, I just bought concealers from Revlon. Actually, what really persuaded me to buy from them is their buy one, get one free promo for the month of May. I've seen this product online and it was compared to YSL Touche de Eclat. Being cheap, I tried this to see if it really is a great product.

The product comes in a twist up packaging and a brush. Personally, I don't like this packaging. You can't return the product if you get too much, meaning there's a high possibility of you wasting the product. Another thing that I have to point out is the built in brush. I feel like this type of applicator is unhygienic. The bacteria that you may have picked up the other day may transfer when you apply your makeup today. 

I got the 003 shade. I believe it is Medium and it has a yellow undertone (perfect for my Asian skin). There are limited shades within this range and the colors are only suitable to women who have fairer skin. At the counter, there were only two shades available.  However, this may not be the same in other stores.

The formula is a creamy type of liquid. It isn't too watery or viscous, making it easy to blend. As you can see in the pictures, the blended concealer looks invisible already. The formula may look cakey and may settle into lines sometimes. 

(unblended without flash)

(unblended with flash)

(blended without flash)

(blended with flash)

The concealer doesn't completely cover the "dark line". However, it does a great job in brightening the undereye area. I hope you can see the difference. In personal, you can really distinguish which side has the concealer on. I do find that this concealer has a gray cast.

(without flash)

(with flash)

The tube contains 1.18 mL. The product runs out too fast for me. It's almost 2/3 used up in only a month (I wear this concealer for 4-5 times a week)

Price: PHP 625 (but I got two of these at the price of one)
Rating: 3.75/5
Verdict: I actually like this product! It works for me wonderfully. If only it has more product in it and the price is much lower, I would consider repurchasing. For now, I will use these all up and find my HG concealer. 

Etude House Haul

I love the feeling of entering Etude House stores. The sales attendants greet you with a cheery "Welcome, Princess!" and let's not forget the overly pink-adorned shelves. The store's feel is really fit for a princess. Whenever I enter Etude House, I feel like I need to buy something. The items are just too cute and their products have good reputations, as well. So when I went there last June 17, I went all crazy and spent a lot of my moola.

Most of the items I have purchased are things that I have been wanting to buy for some time now but haven't because my wallet was still recovering from the Super Sale Bazaar. I did feel guilty after buying these though because I feel like I am slowly becoming an impulse buyer.

Left to Right:
  • Flocking Puff for Pact (round 2 pieces) - PHP 78
  • Eyebrow Brush - PHP 128
  • Perfect Brow Kit - PHP 478
  • GreenTea Nose Pack - PHP 38
  • Proof 10 Eye Primer - PHP 298
Total : PHP 1020

I just bought the puffs and the nose pack so my purchase will total to at least PHP 1000 (The higher the price, the better the gifts!) Luckily, I brought with me my Belle de Jour Power Planner coupon and had my gift upgrade. Meaning, I received a gift that was meant for a PHP 2000 purchase. I received a SHINee mouse pad. I am really not into KPOP groups so I just decided to give it to my Korean-addicted cousin.

I was also really happy to use my Etude House Pink Membership Card for the first time. This card accumulates points if you have a single receipt of at least PHP 100. I can't wait to use it again!

Thumbs up for Etude! I'll be reviewing these products soon! ;)

Makeup Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Friday, June 15, 2012
I have been eyeing this product for some time now. I've heard good reviews on this and I thought I should know what the hype is really all about. Some say that this gel eyeliner is comparable to MAC Fluidline so I bought this. I haven't tried MAC Fluidline yet so I can't really say if they are really similar.

Included in the box is a small eyeliner brush.

I am sorry that the text is quite little. I'll just retype it here.


<Caution> Please ensure to close the cap after use. Please wipe the brush with tissues after every use. When stains are noticeable on brush, please absorb makeup remover into cotton pads and remove the stain from the brush then wipe it again with dry tissues, and leave the brush to dry.


Creamy gel type allows to draw a smooth clean line without crease. Customized eye line brush allows lines to be drawn as desired from fine to thick. The creamy gel texture dries quickly after application. Long lasting Water-proof and smudge- proof formula that resists sweat, tears, and water.

 I love that the text at the back is 100% true. It does all that it claims and the results are really satisfactory. I also love that the product looks opaque, color payoff is great, and it is not shiny when applied (unlike some liquid liners)

The product comes in a glass car with a metal cap. It feels and looks sturdy. Although this product is cheap, the packaging doesn't really make it obvious. The packaging can pass as a high end product.

The brush included. It is quite small (11.5 cm) but I find it the right size for my small hands. The brush is okay. It can do thin lines and bold, thick lines. I wish the brush was angled so it would be easier to use. Also, stains are hard to remove in the brush. I've tried doing what the box says but it doesn't remove the color on the bristles.


(without flash)

(with flash)

After swatching the products on the back of my hand, I tried washing it with soap and water to see if it really is waterproof and smudge proof. It is! It was still good as new after washing it thoroughly. I also used this gel eyeliner for our dance recital and after sweating so much, the product was still intact. The waterproof formula may be quite a pain since it is hard to remove. I remove mine by first washing my face, then applying makeup remover on a cotton pad, then on a Q-tip. Sometimes these steps aren't even enough. It's quite a hassle to remove the product completely especially when it gets on the skin between the lashes.

Price: PHP 450
Rating: 4.75/5
Verdict: A hyped up product that actually works (and it's cheap!). I will most definitely repurchase! Although this will happen in maybe a year since the jar contains a lot of product. I think I am never going back to liquid eyeliner. This gel eyeliner is perfect for me and I recommend everyone to try it. :)

Black and Blue Double Eyeliner Look

Sunday, June 3, 2012
Last May 26, we had our intermission number for a dance recital at my previous high school. The theme of our dances is KPOP so the look that popped into my mind is an eyeliner look. I found inspiration for this eye makeup from an Internet site. I tweaked it a bit to give a personal touch.

The night before, I already wanted to have an idea of what look I will be creating. I don't want a rushed look and I made sure I know what tools to bring. I did lots of looks before this one and I wasn't satisfied with them so I removed them all with my makeup remover. Hence, the oily lids.

Annoying how the folds of my lids cover the eyeliner.

I created a nude look for my lips to give emphasis on the eye makeup.

I also contoured my nose to make it look slimmer. I look anorexic here. HAHA.

QUICK TIP: I used the tape technique when I applied the gel eyeliner.

On the actual day. I'm with my friend, MJ, who shares my love for makeup. We were doing a Nicki Minaj pose but I was unsuccessful.

During the dance. With Kristine, Chester, Lef, MJ, and Shanna. :)

  • Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Natural Beige
  • Revlon Age Defying Spa concealer in 003
  • E.L.F. matte brown eyeshadow
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner
  • DollFace 96 color palette
  • MAC blush in Pink Swoon (on the actual day only)
  • NYX round lipstick in Paris and Orange Soda

Brush Review: DollFace 16 pc brush set

This post was meant to be created weeks ago but due to school, I didn't have much time to create blog posts. So, here it is. :)

I actually don't think that DollFace manufactured these brushes. I saw this exact brush set (and similar DollFace palettes!) in another site which sells at a lower price. I think the 16 pc brush set was about PHP 100-150 cheaper than this one.

Most of the brushes here are made of natural (squirrel and sable) bristles. Brushes that are often used for cream types of makeup are made of synthetic fiber. It was not stated what kind of synthetic material these brushes were made of.

The brushes are enclosed in this houndstooth brush roll. The only major downside I found with the case is that I just feel that the metal buttons that secure this will get detached sooner.

The last three brushes and the fan brush come with a plastic brush guard and the rest are packaged in a thin sheet of disposable plastic.

The ferrules are made of metal and the body is made of cheap plastic. When I say cheap, it feels so light. I think the center is a hollow part. The length of the brushes are okay. 


from L-R:
eyebrow brush/comb, spoolie, sponge tip applicator, angled eyeliner brush (synthetic)

  • Eyebrow brush/comb - I don't really use the eyebrow brush/comb, I find using the spoolie for my brows much convenient because it is bent.
  • Spoolie - This is my favorite 'brush' in the set. It has the perfect stiffness that is right for erasing harsh edges while applying brow makeup. It does its job. Period.
  • Sponge tip applicator - I seriously don't get why they include sponge tip applicators in brush sets. I mean, you bought a brush set because you don't want these applicators. 
  • Angled eyeliner brush - This just fell short of my expectations big time. I feel that the hairs were too long making it hard to apply eyeliner with precision. I just use this to apply powder on my brows.

eyeliner brush (synthetic), lip brush (synthetic), mini shader brush, fan brush

  • Eyeliner brush - this was such a pain to use. The shape is too wrong for me.
  • Lip brush - I am better off swiping color from the tube. This was too stiff for a lip brush
  • Mini shader brush - One of the shader brushes which I actually use. This was scratchy but the size is perfect for applying eyeshadow in hard to reach areas.
  • Fan brush - Before, I didn't really know what a fan brush is for. But recently, I learned that this is a multi-purpose brush that can be used to apply blush or powder if you want sheer coverage. However, I find that this brush is too thin to apply even a sheer amount of blush/powder. Totally useless for this purpose. This fan brush can just be used to sweep away any fallout.

fluff brush, 3 eye shader brushes

I will just make a general description on these four. Flimsy, flimsy, and scratchy! I also think that the hair was too sparse for eyeshadow application. The pigments cling on to the bristles but when you try to apply it on the skin, it doesn't appear. It's just stuck in the brush. Using these shader brushes is like using a sponge. I actually think you are better off using the free sponge tip applicators than using these.

large fluff brush, angled contour brush, blush brush, powder brush

  • Large fluff brush - I don't really know what this one is for so I have no right to judge this one.
  • Angled contour brush - My favorite among the three big brushes. Similar to the eye shaders, this one also picks up color but do not deposit well on the skin. I find this perfect for using my Lancome blush which is too dark for me. It gets the right and natural amount of that blush. I did a review on that blush before, you may want to check it out.
  • Blush brush and powder brush - lacks density. The blush brush is not ideal for blush application because again, they do not deposit well. The powder brush was okay because the only thing these types of brushes do is to knockout excess powder. I actually like this one since it has the perfect size and it is dense. 
Price: PHP 1000
Rating: 1.75/5
Verdict: I know that my review was too harsh but I am being as honest as possible. I was really disappointed with this product and even though this was really cheap, I find it such a waste for my money. Well, I get what I pay for. Lesson learned? Do not buy unbranded brush sets! This is the type of cheap purchase which backfires. I should just consider buying individual brushes or sets which come from trusted brands. I will never in my life repurchase this brush set. I hate it. Sorry.