SM Department Store haul + my Purple Card Purchase

Sunday, June 24, 2012
Today, we went to Mall of Asia after visiting my cousin who recently gave birth. It was a short trip. We stayed at the mall for only about 2 hours. 2 hours is actually very short for me to find clothes which I like, but I was able to buy a few. The department store is my haven because I am just so cheap and the clothes are pretty anyway.

After shopping at the department store, my dad joined me in finding the perfect purchase for my Purple Card points. We went to Zara because that's the first store that came into my mind. I was so baffled on what to choose. There were a  lot of pretty items. In fact, so pretty that I know I won't be able to wear them to school. I found a pretty blue dress which was love at first sight and it costed PHP 3000. My dad argued that I should buy something that I will be wearing often. I just couldn't decide right there in the store. I was even so nervous on spending the points because PHP 3000 is so big for me. I know I can't spend it on something that I will just hide in my closet. After several minutes, I asked my dad if we could look into other stores.

We went to Marks & Spencer. Upon entering the store, I knew my purchase will be safer since the clothes displayed were wearable for everyday use. This blue and red plaid blouse caught my eye. I found candidate number one. We went to Steve Madden to see some shoes but they were all so damn expensive for the design, which forces me back to Marks & Spencer. After long minutes of deliberation, I finally made a decision. I bought the shirt because I know I can pair it with almost anything and I can wear it to school. I actually find it attractive since it's a bit loose, making it look like a boyfriend polo. :)

From left to right:

  • Dickies mint green pants (PHP 999) - I always hated colored pants. I found them tacky, but these mint colored ones definitely changed my mind. I think this color looks classy especially when paired with a basic white button-down
  • Dickies skinny denim pants (PHP 899)- At last! Dark wash skinny pants which hugs my legs properly! And it doesn't feel uncomfortable either.
  • True Love vest (PHP 550)- My first vest. I am still finding ways on how I can style this. 
  • Redhead mullet dress (PHP 600)- Finally, I've braved myself in buying this type of clothing. It's actually orange but the color kind of changed in the picture. I never had an orange item in my closet so this one is a first for me. I am actually excited on wearing this!
  • Marks & Spencer plaid blouse (PHP 2750)
  • Jessica flats (PHP 350) - I bought this mainly because it's the rainy season. It's made of plastic. Quite nice since they don't look like rain shoes and they're cheap. What a steal! My mom was supposed to buy me Crocs but I decided to use that money to buy this pair plus more clothes. Smart shopping. ;)
I'm so sorry, wallet. I'll start filling you up again. :)


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