Quick OOTD: Mateo's First Birthday

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
It's raining real hard here in the Philippines so I thought I'd wear something that'll keep me warm. Plus, it's a kiddie party. I was expecting that I will join games so I chose this comfortable ensemble.

My style changes depending on my mood. I rarely go for outfits like these. Also, please excuse this extremely hipster shot. It's so hard to take a whole body shot of myself and I'm too shy to use the tripod because my parents are gonna see me. lol. HAHA. I am also not that literate when it comes to camera settings, I just use point and shoot. K.

  • Boyfriend polo from Marks & Spencer
  • Chino pants from Penshoppe
  • Bracelet from SM Accessories (found this at the men's department. Deal with it)
  • Studded bracelet and necklace bought during the Super Sale Bazaar
  • "Courage" ring bought during DLSU bazaar
  • Mustache ring from Girl Shoppe
Didn't show my shoes since I felt they weren't too suitable for the outfit. If I had a pair, I would wear white or red Keds with this.

Trivia: I just discovered about that star charm on my bracelet. It resembles the Lasallian star so much and I'm so amazeballs about it. HAHA


Laura Edwards said...

This is such a cute, edgy look I like it works well together and of course is comfortable!

I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, please visit my blog for more details! Laura Xx

ELLE said...

nice ring!

pls. join my accessories giveaway! ^^


Belle Dame ♡ said...

Hello, I love your blog! Followed you. :)

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