Etude House Perfect Brow Kit

Saturday, August 4, 2012
I've been so behind on my blog posts. I have about 5 more products to review. Tonight, I am feeling less lazy and decided to post about this brow kit from Etude House. EH has to be one of my favorite brands. Totally affordable, yet their products work.

On with the review..

(instructions at the box; written in Korean)


The product comes in this black case with a mirror. The case doesn't look flimsy; however, I do have a feeling that the pink label will fade after some time. The case also comes with a mirror which I find very convenient. The colors are pressed together (nothing to separate them). I find this quite messy since the highlighter part sometimes receives brown dust. 

(highlighter, medium brown, dark brown)
I don't understand the idea of having 2 shades in one kit. It's not really everyday that people change their hair color. I wish they'd replace the other color with wax instead.

The brown shades do not have any red undertones in it. I am neutral with the pigmentation of this product. It appears too light when swatched. This may be good for heavy-handed girls out there, but this may also be a pain since you have to wet the powder first before you get good color payoff. Most of the time, I use Etude House's eyebrow brush. If I am in a hurry or am too lazy, I just use the tiny applicator provided.

Staying power varies. I don't really know exactly why. There are days that the product fades a little by mid-afternoon, while sometimes it can last the whole day. However, I can assure that there will still be a trace of this powder clinging into your brows. I find that using a wet brush helps the product last longer.

The powder is not chalky for me.

(This is the brush I always use with this kit; also available in Etude House)

These applicators are too small, but since I have small hands I am able to use them. The spoolie is alright. Nothing special. The brush part of the other applicator is too soft to even gather product. The other side, with the angled part (made of some synthetic material), is the exact opposite. I find it too stiff. However, the stiffness sometimes helps since the product is hard to pick up with regular brow brushes. The angled brush provided picks up a lot of product, but it won't really help you apply the powder precisely given its size and shape.

 (barely 2 inches. lol)

Verdict: Overall, I was satisfied with the kit considering that this is my first brow product. I won't  repurchase considering that there are better products out in the market. 

Price: PHP 478
Rating: 3.5/5


Iyah Dacer said...

We have the same brow kit! I love this but this is my first also and I'm thinking of purchasing a different one that has wax. :)

Great review! I love all the little details you mentioned. :)

Lisa Stover said...

I love the packaging of this product, very cute! I am in need of a new brow kit...I've been lazy lately and haven't made it to the store. I'll check this out. Thanks!

Maite said...

We finally have an Etude House opening in CDO! I think I'll check this out when it does open. Great review!

I nominated you for a blog award by the way. :)

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