Weekend Haul

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
This was actually last week's haul but I didn't have the time to blog.

Sorry for the amateur watermark. It's the best I can do. HAHA


Finally, F21 opened in MOA! I've waited years for this. I invested on white tops so I can pair them with anything. Forgot the prices of the tops though. I think each is in the price range of PHP 700-900.

I also got this pair of pants for only PHP 555. What a great find! It fits my body perfectly and it's a unique color for denim, as well.The cloth isn't too thick, unlike most denim pants, so it wouldn't be too "hot" when I wear this.

Accessories!! I fell in love with the turquoise necklace (PHP 300+) upon laying my eyes on it. Look at the ombre bead pattern! Very lovely. I also got myself a spiky bracelet for PHP 250 (It was half its original price). The pink and gold set of bangles (PHP 400+), and the spiky rings (PHP 280) will be my birthday gifts for my friend. I hope she likes them!


I've been an SM girl since I was a kid. Great finds for affordable prices. I got this pair of sandals for PHP 700. The brand was Charcoal and I got a freebie (see below)


My go-to brand when it comes to makeup. I purchased the Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream (PHP 798). I was supposed  to buy the All-Day Strong formula, but I was informed that it was already phased out. I also got this duo fibre brush (PHP 428). *reviews to come soon* I received another freebie! Yay!


Pink pencils from Etude House and a coin purse from Charcoal.


Because of my hair type, I have to invest on sulfate-free shampoos. Luckily, there is an inexpensive brand called Organix found in Watsons. I believe Organix is not available in all Watsons branches. This conditioner  bottle costs PHP 450. I also bought some plasters because my feet get blisters when my shoes are still new. lol

The money used to buy this top was originally to be used as a gift for my best friend. She wasn't able to pick out anything so she decided to choose this top (PHP 550) for me. I think it is so lovely! I love the patterns. It somehow reminds me of Picasso. I don't really know why. 

High waist green pants (PHP700)! OMG! I love the color and the fact that it's hight waist. It's going to make me look so much taller. HAHA.

Also, while strolling around the mall, salesladies gave me flyers for the Redhead Model Search 2012. The requirements for the contestants are:
  • 15-25 years old, single
  • At least 5'1" in height
  • Must purchase at least PHP 399 worth of Redhead products to get the unique code
I met all the requirements so I joined. I feel narcissistic for doing this because I am not totally model-material, but this may be my chance to pursue my model dreams and the prizes are so awesome. A contract for Elite Management (that's the most famous modeling agency there is. Supermodels like Adriana Lima are under Elite. lol) worth PHP 60000, PHP 40000 cash, clothing allowance, and a subscription to my all-time favorite magazine, Candy. My mom and best friend also wanted me to join. HAHA wish me luck!

That's it for my weekend haul. Burned a hole in my wallet, but I guess it's all worth it. Hope you enjoyed this post. :)


Gabrielle said...

great finds! I'm following u now on Google Friend Connect.

Hope we can follow each other.


elle_Mariee said...

I love free stuff. haha cute blog. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
now following. =)


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