Brush Review: DollFace 16 pc brush set

Sunday, June 3, 2012
This post was meant to be created weeks ago but due to school, I didn't have much time to create blog posts. So, here it is. :)

I actually don't think that DollFace manufactured these brushes. I saw this exact brush set (and similar DollFace palettes!) in another site which sells at a lower price. I think the 16 pc brush set was about PHP 100-150 cheaper than this one.

Most of the brushes here are made of natural (squirrel and sable) bristles. Brushes that are often used for cream types of makeup are made of synthetic fiber. It was not stated what kind of synthetic material these brushes were made of.

The brushes are enclosed in this houndstooth brush roll. The only major downside I found with the case is that I just feel that the metal buttons that secure this will get detached sooner.

The last three brushes and the fan brush come with a plastic brush guard and the rest are packaged in a thin sheet of disposable plastic.

The ferrules are made of metal and the body is made of cheap plastic. When I say cheap, it feels so light. I think the center is a hollow part. The length of the brushes are okay. 


from L-R:
eyebrow brush/comb, spoolie, sponge tip applicator, angled eyeliner brush (synthetic)

  • Eyebrow brush/comb - I don't really use the eyebrow brush/comb, I find using the spoolie for my brows much convenient because it is bent.
  • Spoolie - This is my favorite 'brush' in the set. It has the perfect stiffness that is right for erasing harsh edges while applying brow makeup. It does its job. Period.
  • Sponge tip applicator - I seriously don't get why they include sponge tip applicators in brush sets. I mean, you bought a brush set because you don't want these applicators. 
  • Angled eyeliner brush - This just fell short of my expectations big time. I feel that the hairs were too long making it hard to apply eyeliner with precision. I just use this to apply powder on my brows.

eyeliner brush (synthetic), lip brush (synthetic), mini shader brush, fan brush

  • Eyeliner brush - this was such a pain to use. The shape is too wrong for me.
  • Lip brush - I am better off swiping color from the tube. This was too stiff for a lip brush
  • Mini shader brush - One of the shader brushes which I actually use. This was scratchy but the size is perfect for applying eyeshadow in hard to reach areas.
  • Fan brush - Before, I didn't really know what a fan brush is for. But recently, I learned that this is a multi-purpose brush that can be used to apply blush or powder if you want sheer coverage. However, I find that this brush is too thin to apply even a sheer amount of blush/powder. Totally useless for this purpose. This fan brush can just be used to sweep away any fallout.

fluff brush, 3 eye shader brushes

I will just make a general description on these four. Flimsy, flimsy, and scratchy! I also think that the hair was too sparse for eyeshadow application. The pigments cling on to the bristles but when you try to apply it on the skin, it doesn't appear. It's just stuck in the brush. Using these shader brushes is like using a sponge. I actually think you are better off using the free sponge tip applicators than using these.

large fluff brush, angled contour brush, blush brush, powder brush

  • Large fluff brush - I don't really know what this one is for so I have no right to judge this one.
  • Angled contour brush - My favorite among the three big brushes. Similar to the eye shaders, this one also picks up color but do not deposit well on the skin. I find this perfect for using my Lancome blush which is too dark for me. It gets the right and natural amount of that blush. I did a review on that blush before, you may want to check it out.
  • Blush brush and powder brush - lacks density. The blush brush is not ideal for blush application because again, they do not deposit well. The powder brush was okay because the only thing these types of brushes do is to knockout excess powder. I actually like this one since it has the perfect size and it is dense. 
Price: PHP 1000
Rating: 1.75/5
Verdict: I know that my review was too harsh but I am being as honest as possible. I was really disappointed with this product and even though this was really cheap, I find it such a waste for my money. Well, I get what I pay for. Lesson learned? Do not buy unbranded brush sets! This is the type of cheap purchase which backfires. I should just consider buying individual brushes or sets which come from trusted brands. I will never in my life repurchase this brush set. I hate it. Sorry.


ANNE KATE said...

Im so sorry for this brushes... I think they don't even worth a thousand for not being very useful...Try Suesh's brushes... its good :)

Angela said...

Thank you for your suggestion! Will definitely try Suesh brushes in the future. :)

jhonahlee mae intong said...

Glad I saw your blog, I was actually planning to buy these. . thanks! ^^

Ablaze Aqua said...

wow great package!

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