Brush Review: E.L.F. Professional Foundation Brush

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
As I have stated in my previous post, I asked my mom to buy me a foundation brush but she got me a wrong one so I decided to buy this myself. I bought this on a whim since I was with my father when we went to the drugstore. I find it weird when I am buying beauty products with guys. Anyway, on with the review..


  • Similar to the E.L.F. Total Face Brush, the handle is professional looking.
  • The bristles on this brush are not even hairs! They're some synthetic fibers.
  • These 'hairs' are not flexible at all. It's so hard to apply the product with this tool.
  • Leaves streaks. You have to be extra patient in blending liquid foundation.
Price: PHP 130
Rating: 1.5/5
Verdict: This is gonna be harsh but this brush sucks really bad. I think I should probably forget about these E.L.F. brushes. They're (or probably just the ones I got) are good for nothing. I would prefer using my hands to apply foundation rather than using this 'foundation brush'. 


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