Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Some people call this hairstyle dip dye or two tones but I prefer calling it ombre. Since my hair is curly and a  total mess, I cannot sport this look because I'd probably look like a poodle but if I had long flowing hair, I would have done this ages ago. I think this type of hairstyle is so fashionable. I prefer colors which belong to a similar scheme like brunette and blond. I wouldn't go too crazy on neons and pinks.

(Picture from Tumblr)

(Picture from Google Images)

When I saw Patricia Prieto for our LPEP activity, I was so fascinated with her hair. I think she has about 3 colors. So amazing. (*__*)

I see a lot of people in Lookbook and in La Salle having their hair like this and I'm so jealous. :( When can I possibly achieve this look? Huuuuu.


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