Lip Colors.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Almost all brands of makeup offer a range of lipsticks, glosses, and tints that somehow make it harder for you to choose. This is basically just a guide slash my opinion on lip colors.


 I think red is a universal color for all skin types. Red is a perfect color for an evening makeup look because it is more dramatic. Personally, I don't like this shade on me because it makes me look older and serious. For women in their 20's and up, this is a great lipstick to invest on. However, if you decide to wear this shade, make sure that the eye makeup is simple (although there are some who can pull off red lips with smokey eyes). Reds with blue undertones also makes your teeth whiter.


Pink lipsticks shades are my ultimate preferences. For me, pink is such a girly and playful color. It is also suitable for younger ladies and teenagers. It reminds me so much of Barbie! Pink, especially brights, indicates that you are adventurous and fun.


Coral is like a muted version of orange. However, I think this one isn't really appealing on darker skinned people. This can be used as an everyday makeup and gives off the right amount of color without going too overboard.


Plum lips are perfect for women with medium to dark complexions. This is a combination of red and purple tones. Similar to red, this can also be too serious and is best to use at night occasions. IMO, people with fair skin who wear this color makes them look like they're antagonists of some soap opera.


Nude is great if you are trying to sport a natural or a no makeup makeup look. This is also a popular partner with darker eye makeup (I love blue smokey eyes and nude lips). Nude is a lipstick color which you can wear everyday and every girl must have at least one tube. Look for products which aren't too matte because it may be a bit unflattering. 

There are also colors which are not suggested for everyday wear but are used as 'studio makeup'. Examples are orange and violet. If you're brave enough, you can still purchase products in these shades.

and then there's black for gothic makeup looks.

(awesome eye makeup for the purple and black lips!)

What's your favorite shade? :)

*All pictures are from Google.


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