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Friday, May 11, 2012
I have been posting less because I am becoming too lazy. Yesterday, I have been watching YouTube makeup tutorial videos mostly from gossmakeupartist. I learned a lot and realized I was doing some techniques wrong. I'm going to share what I have learned yesterday in this blog post. I hope I can remember everything.

  • Powder brush is not used to apply powder. Bit of a shocker really. To apply loose powder, use the foamy applicators which are included in the packaging. Apply powder in a patting/rolling motion so as not to ruin the foundation and leave streaks. The powder brush is only used to knock off excess powder.

  • The rule about where to start the eyebrows is wrong. (The eyebrow starts where the nose of the bridge ends). It actually depends on your preference. If you want to make the nose wider, shave off your brows further back. The opposite is done if you want to achieve a slimmer nose.

  • Arched and slim brows will only make you look older. A softer and fuller brow will instantly make you youthful.

  • This one I have been doing wrong. Do not apply blush on the apples of the cheeks. This should only be used in theatre. When you apply it this way, it only looks okay when you smile. When you aren't, your face will look droopy. Instead, apply blush on the cheekbones.

  • Concealer should only be applied on the dark areas/shadows. Putting it outside this area will only make it look worse.

  • Contouring the nose depends on the shape of the nose. Drawing two lines on the sides of the nose is not applicable for everyone.

  • Eye makeup also depends on the shape of your eyes. Sometimes, what works out for another person may not work out for you.

  • To add a three dimensional look to your lips without applying lip gloss (lip gloss sometimes may give you an 'oily look'), add a bright color eyeshadow (e.g. blue, yellow, orange) on top of your first coat of lipstick. Reapply lipstick and blot. Do as many times as you like.

  • This is called a push brush. As the name suggests, you just push this on your lid near the top of your lashes. Sometimes, a lot of people will use a push brush to draw a line. This push brush is used by 'stamping' the product on and wiggling it to spread the product.

  • Finding the correct shade of foundation can be quite bothersome. To know what your real shade is check your undertones. (I might do a post on this later) Sometimes, your face may appear reddish while the rest of your body has a yellow undertone. If so, choose a foundation shade with an undertone that matches your whole body.

  • Use 99% alcohol to clean your makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are good investments when applying makeup. It's better to have good quality brushes and have bad makeup than having good makeup and bad brushes. Cleaning and maintaining your brushes will make their life last longer. There are a lot of methods to clean brushes like using dishwashing soap, facial wash, and shampoo. However, these methods may not totally clean your brushes to hospital grade. 99% alcohol will fully disinfect them and kill any bacteria present.
So far, these are what I have learned. I'm gonna keep on watching gossmakeupartist's videos. I really recommend watching them. You'll learn a lot because he is a legit professional makeup artist. I hope these have been helpful. :)

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