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Sunday, May 6, 2012
One of my biggest problems when it comes with this whole beauty blogging thing is that I cannot be flexible with creating makeup looks. This is because I still need to be confident in what I am doing (I hate taking pictures of myself as I am not really photogenic) and I don't have a lot of makeup to start with. Naturally, I want to own lots of colors of eyeshadows for eye makeup looks and I've heard of Coastal Scents for YouTube makeup gurus. Unfortunately, they aren't available in the Philippines. While viewing other beauty blogs, I was able to find a Philippine website which offers palettes that are very similar to those of Coastal Scents. This site is called DollFace Cosmetics. You can view their site here.

I am thinking of buying this 96 color palette. I was debating if I should get the 88 color one or this but seeing as they only have a PHP 100 difference, I thought this is more practical to purchase.

According to the description given by DollFace cosmetics, this palette is a combination of matte and satin eyeshadows (I don't like too shimmery eye makeup, eeep!) It also comes with an applicator (which I won't probably use) and a mirror. The best part is it costs PHP 900. 900 freaking Pesos. That's about PHP 9.38 (like $0.25 USD) a color. What a steal! Plus, I've heard mostly good reviews with this product. Although they say some colors are not that pigmented but with that price tag, I can't resist. This is definitely on top of my cosmetics-to-buy list. The possibilities with this palette are endless.

Another product which I would like to buy from DollFace is their 16 pc brush set.

There were other sets with 20+ brushes but since I am newbie when it comes to makeup, I don't think I really need all those brushes. There was one brush set that also caught my eye. It was their set with 21 pc of goat hair brushes. It's the same material as that of MAC's but they're way expensive compared to this one. I also considered getting their 12 pc brush set that costs PHP 900. Then I realized with PHP 100, I can get 4 more brushes so I thought this was (again) the most practical thing to purchase.

This brush set is made of squirrel/sable hairs and some are synthetic. This set includes:

  • 1 pc large powder brush
  • 1 pc blush brush
  • 1 pc angled contour blush
  • 1 pc large fluff brush1 pc eyeshader brush
  • 2 pcs eye shader brushes
  • 1 pc fluff brush
  • 1 pc mini fan brush
  • 1 pc mini shader brush
  • 1 pc lip brush (synthetic)
  • 1 pc eyeliner brush (synthetic)
  • 1 pc angled eyeliner brush (synthetic)
  • 1 pc sponge tip applicators
  • 1 pc lash brush/spooly
  • 1 pc eyebrow brush/comb

Great price for so many brushes! I think these brushes are enough. It's good since the color of the handles could pass as professional ones since they aren't too toy-looking like pink. 

I so want to buy these products but I have to buy them online. I haven't had any experiences in online shopping and I'm scared of going through transactions because I have no idea how to. Although, I guess it's safe to buy from this site. I mean, it's a trusted seller! I'm just too scared to do deposits. Someone teach me, please! :)

I promise to buy less makeup after these two. 

*All pictures and some information were taken from DollFace Cosmetics' website: dollfacecosmetics.com.ph


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