Makeup Review: Lancome Oscillation PowerFoundation in Ivory 10

Friday, May 18, 2012

HOW TO USE THIS PRODUCT: The directions are given in the box but since I have thrown them out, I'll just describe the method here. 

With the cover lid on, shake the bottle so that the powder will come out of the holes. Get as much product as you need. Take the applicator and spread the powder in circular motions. Make sure that you hold the button to turn the vibration on. The vibration activates the micro-particles there are in this foundation. This also helps achieve a flawless finish.


  • It has subtle shimmers which aren't that noticeable. 
  • It gives off a luminous and matte finish. 
  • After application, my face felt smoother.
  • Also has SPF.
  • Since this is a mineral foundation, it provides only sheer coverage. 
  • It works like pressed powder to me. 
  • The application is tedious because of the small applicator. It is easier to apply this product with a brush.
Price: $48 (from Lancome's website)
Rating: 3/5
Will I repurchase: No. This is about PHP 2000+ and I can use that amount of money to buy 2 or 3 cheaper mineral foundations that do the same thing. I like this product, but I do not love it. You may like this product if you don't need to much coverage and if you are into mineral makeup.


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