YouTube Makeup Guru: gossmakeupartist

Thursday, May 10, 2012
I spent half my day watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Of course, I had my dose of Michelle Phan videos and I decided to watch other gurus since I might pick up some new tips. It actually interested me to see these guys doing makeup tutorials. I was curious so I just clicked on to the related videos side. I watched videos of 'gossmakeupartist' and I was really impressed! To think that he's a dude, he has mad makeup skills. And he really knows what he's talking about. What separates him from others is that he teaches techniques for all types of eye and face shapes. Some gurus will just do their own generic makeup tutorial. For beginners like me, I recommend you watch this guy's videos. You'll surely learn lots of useful information. Here's a link to his YouTube channel:

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