Wishlist: Wardrobe Items For Lookbook

Monday, May 7, 2012

(print screen from Lookbook website)

I have been planning to set up a Lookbook account. No, I have an account; I just don't have looks yet. I'm a bit troubled since I don't own a lot of clothes. I know that you just need to be creating in mixing up outfits but I still feel like I need more.

See? I only got one closet and half of the clothes there I don't really use. I usually just wear my t-shirts and jeans to school since commuting is such a hassle. The folded clothes at the bottom are the ones which I wear regularly and those which are hanged are the clothes which I only wear on special occasions (e.g. Christmas or New Year's Eve) and at the mall. I get too shy to wear these at school. I want to stretch out my wardrobe and include more statement pieces, accessories, and lots of SHOES!

Yesterday, I have been outlining some possible outfit ideas for Lookbook. So far, I have only come up with seven. These outfit ideas are not too hype-able (?) like the ones on the Hot Page but I'll post them anyway. I still need to purchase accessories and some shoes to go with these outfits. Here are some items which I think I would need: 

  • Lots of pairs of skinny jeans in basic colors, mint green, and white. (I just don't find my straight cut pants flattering with flats)

  • Brown loafers

  • Plain white short sleeve and long sleeve shirts
  • Denim cut offs
  • Tank tops which hug my body perfectly - Everything I find is loose. :(

  • Teal statement necklace (I love this color! It's my new favorite.)

  • Head wraps

  • Those round glasses I was talking about in a previous post.
  • Lots of flats in all designs imaginable.
  • White or gray Keds

  • Oxfords

  • These types of boots. (It'll be last on my list since I won't be able to use this all the time.)

Let's save money! I hope I can start with Lookbook in three months time and I hope everything in this list (plus more) are already in my closet. I can't wait! Share your Lookbook account's link with me if you have one. I'll fan! :)

*I do not own any photos in the list. All pictures were taken from Google Images.


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