Makeup Review: L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara in Noir/Black

Monday, May 7, 2012

This mascara comes in two formulas. The white formula is used as a base to achieve fuller looking lashes while the black one is topped for color. I got this tube from my mom thinking that this will be a perfect mascara for me since I have short and straight lashes. The white portion has a thicker consistency compared to the black.


  • The lenghtening ability of this product is amazing!


  • The packaging is not so sturdy. The stopper for the white formula broke but I was able to fix it back in place.
  • It clumps; hence it made my eyelashes too spidery looking.
  • The texture of this product when applied is similar to that of dried hairspray.
  • I think it is better if the black formula is used alone. The white one is so thick that it makes my lashes look really unnatural.

Price: $10.95 (from an online source)
Rating: 3/5
Verdict: I would not repurchase this product simply because it makes my lashes look fake. I prefer mascaras which when applied are not obvious looking. But for a lengthening mascara, hats off to this product. I will try using the primer first and using my CoverGirl LashBlast on top.


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